Monday, September 27, 2010

Ashford Arms Open Mic 9/23/2010

It was yet another great night at the Ashford Arms Open Mic last week.  We continue to see new faces. The new faces from previous weeks are becoming regulars.  The regulars are AWESOME!  Thanks to all of the great players and fans that keep open mics alive and well.
Check out this line up from last Thursday!

We started off with Jason Hykle
  I got busy and didn't get a picture
Sorry Jason!
 Zane Nordin with Steve Telfer on Flute

Gabe Montoya with our ever present drummer David Dempsey

Cap'n Rick

Ed Bridge
(one of the new repeats)

Brandon Jantzen

Josh Wager

Holly Reich got Josh to do a duet with her before 
taking the solo seat

Hunter Nelson
(another newcomer that is becoming a regular)

Amy Waters
Bruce Ross

 Taveus Lawson

 Rhew Fletcher
Rhew is a first time performer at The Ashford. 
Thanks to Hunter for bringing him in.  
We hope to see him back soon.

 Hey LOOK!  There's me playing with Josh.

 Since Amy took the photos I just have to post them.
There's me again jamming with Brandon, Josh and David.

Thanks again to everyone.  I'm still looking for a new Tuesday night venue. I'll keep you posted.  Until then...I'll see you on Thursdays at the Ashford Arms.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ashford Arms Open Mic 9/16/2010

As they say, you win some and you lose some.  While Churchill's open mic is on a hiatus right now due to lack of turnout, The Ashford Arm's Open Mic is growing in leaps and bounds. Last Thursday we had 21 musicians comprising 17 acts.  There were also 8 guests that were there just to listen. A million thanks to each and every one of you.

John Durr started us off

And then a new player to Ashford Arms
Rory Jagdeo

Lee McGee

Jason Hykle

Brandon Janzen backed up Jason and others throughout the night

Doug Michaels with help from Brandon

Josh Wager

Andrew Swanberg and Hec Rivera are half of the Andrew Wade Band.
This was there first appearance at the ashford arms.

Mandi Powell was also a new comer to The Ashford

Sam Cary found us on the internet and came in for the first time.

Ed Bridges is only in Houston for a couple of weeks for a job, but Googled Open Mics and found us.

Zane Nordin

BJ Mizell with help from Hec Rivera

C-4 Ebrahimi

Lady Kaddaffe' was a first time performer at the Ashford Open Mic.
While mostly A Capella, she got a little help from her friend Ron on drums.

Randy Soffar made a rare and welcome appearance

Brandon Smith

Hunter Nelson

And many thanks to our backup musicians for the night
David Dempsey

Brandon Jantzen

Hec Rivera
Ron Knice

Again, thanks to everyone for helping me make this a such a successful open mic.  I'll see you all next Thursday.

Churchill's Open Mic is on hold.

I'd like to say thank you to David and Kate Swain as well as the staff and patrons of Churchill's Bar & Grill for a great 8+ months of open mics. We've decided to put it on hold for a while due to the current low attendance.  This my friends, is just about the only thing that will kill and open mic.  Low attendance can be caused by a myriad of reasons, but the result is usually the same.  It's kind of the opposite of the "if you build it they will come" phylosophy.  It's more like "if you don't show, it's gotta go".  Many thanks to each and everyone of you that have understand this and have given me your support and encouragement.  It is greatly appreciated.

For now, we are looking at other venues for the open mic, and ways to revive the attendance at Churchill's.  If anyone has any suggestions to either of these ends please send them my way.  In the mean time, we still have Thursdays at Ashford Arms as well as many other excellent open mics all over town throughout the week.  Please get out and support live local music, and support open mics.  Let's not let another one fall by the wayside.



Monday, September 13, 2010

Ashford Arms Open Mic 9/9/2010

We had a full roster at Ashford Arms last Thursday.  There were six new players at Ashford which always makes if fun and interesting. In spite of Thursday being the first regular season football game we had an attentive crowd as well.

David Myers

Cap'n Rick

Jason Hykle

Jim Park


Josh Wager

Josh Wager with help from 
Brandon Jantzen (guitar), Mike Peck (upright bass), and Dave Dempsey(drum)

Jorge Polomarez

Zane Nordin

Gabby Sherrill

John P Barton

Mike Peck

Pete Bosshart

The Reverend Doctor Otis Futhermucker

Another jam with Pete, Otis, Mike and Dave

Bruce Ross

Amy Waters

Hunter Nelson

Doug Michaels with help from Brandon Jantzen

And our backup musicians for the night

Dave Dempsey

Mike Peck

Brandon Jantzen

Many thanks to everyone.  You made it another great night at The Ashford Arms.
Ashford Arms Open Mic is every Thursday night from 8:00 until 12:00.