Monday, August 30, 2010

Ashford Arms Open Mic 8/26/2010

The Open Mic at Ashford Arms continues to grow.  Last Thursday we had 21 musicians in the house.  With variety like this you know you are going to hear something that you love.  It was a fun night of great music.  Thank you all for joining us.

David Myers

The Moonlit Conspiracy

Zane Nordin

Brandon Jantzen
with his new hat....nice!

Josh Wager with Scott Reynolds on Harmonica.

Lee McGee

Doug Michaels

Gary Seber

Sherrie Allen

Buddy Allen

Bruce Ross

BJ Mizell

Clyde Sayre

Van Buchanan

Lance Johnsons

-------The "House" musicians------
A.J. on percusion

Dave Dempsey on percussion.

and Keith Craik on Fiddle

Thanks again to everyone.  21 musicians, 9 guests, and a house full of music fans.  Gotta love it.
We are at the Ashford Arms every Thursday night.   C'mon out and join us!

Churchill's Open Mic 8/24/2010

Once again Churchill's Open Mic has brought in some great musicians.  Three new acts graced the Churchill's stage last Tuesday and we got to see several of our old friends as well.  Many thanks to all of the musicians and supporters of Houston's Open Mics.

 First time player
Chelsea Moriarty
 First time players
Moonlit Conspiricy

Van Buchanan
John P Barton

Zane Nordin

 Doug Micheals

 Chris Mitchell

 Randy Soffar

The Reverend Doctor Otis Futhermucker

 Otis helping Randy out on Harmonica

 Pete Bosshart

Thanks go to not only these 11 musicians, but the dozen folks that cam to support the music and the wonderful Churchill's regulars that keep the Open Mic alive.

Join us every Tuesday night for good friends, good fun and good music.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ashford Arms Open Mic 8/19/2010

We had quite the roster Thursday night at Ashford Arms Open Mic.  Great players and a lot of good jams. 

David Myers

Jason Hykle

David McJunkin

Donnie Sands

200 Miles to Freedom
(Brandon Jentzen)

Amy Waters & Brandon

Josh Wager

Josh getting help from Brandon and Keith

Bruce Ross

Zane Nordin

Doug Michaels

Doug jamming with Brandon, Bruce, and Dave

Guitar Demons

Holly Reich and Josh Wager

Holly Reich

Van Buchanan

And many thanks to our backup musicians
Keith Craik on Violin

Dave Dempsey on percussion

Bruce Ross on bass guitar