Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Tee Open Mic 1/13/2011

So last Thursday night....freezing outside....drizzling rain...just nasty ass weather, and still better than a couple of dozen people cruised into the the First Tee for Open Mic. We had fifteen musicians and eight guests (not to mention the regular First Tee steak night crowd) come in to enjoy the music and camaraderie of open mic.  It's a lot like a big family, except you can walk out and leave 'em standing at the bar if you want.  SWEET!

We had a lot of our favorite regulars along with some first timers at The First Tee and a couple of first timers for Ramblin' Mic.

The evening started off with Jason Hykle

Don & Jacob made their first appearance at the First Tee
and managed to get people up on the dance floor!
You may think this odd for "open mic", but not here at the First Tee

Brandon Jantzen followed.  With help from his special toys
he layed down some very cool grooves.

John Ward took the stage next....no picture....sorry.

Then for the first time on a Ramblin' Mic stage
Thaddeus Brenamen
Thaddeus invited the Reverend Johnny to join him for a couple
And then The Reverend did a couple more on his own.

Brandon Smith joined us on this cold night
and brought his friend Scott Oder up to help him out.
Scott stuck around and did a few on his own as well.

It was Amy Waters turn next,

and Bruce Ross followed her

Doug Michaels is no stranger to the First Tee Stage, but
he was joined by Michael ? who was here for the first time.

It was right about this time that things got a little fuzzy and I quit taking pictures.
(Why does this always happen shortly after Doug shows up?  Couldn't possibly be the drinks he buys me.)

Suffice it to say, Micheal stayed on stage for a couple and then 
Hunter Nelson joined him.  Hunter has been on Ramblin Mic's stage before,
but this was his first time at The Tee.  Hope he makes it a regular thing.

My old friend James Mendiola came sliding in the door just before I closed it down.
It's been quite a while since I've seen James, so we kept it rolling into overtime to let him play.

Many thanks to everyone for supporting my open mics and live local music.  There are many fine open mic venues all over Houston.  If you like live music, I encourage you to get out and explore a little.  When you hear something you like make sure you show your appreciation.  

Hope to see you out and about this week.

Monday, January 10, 2011

First Tee Open Mic 1/6/2011

We had a great night of music at our first open mic of the year.  The First Tee is rapidly becoming THE Thursday night open mic in West Houston.  We've been getting players in with a wide range of styles and talent.  From folkies to rockers, and from beginners to seasoned pros, our stage is your stage every Thursday night.

We opened the evening with Willie B.
He brought Buddy Allen up to help and Dave Dempsey sat in on the djembe.

Jason Hykle came up next with Keith Craik on fiddle.

Then it was the Scrambled Yeggs turn

followed by Captain Rick and his fabulous T-5 12 string.

Next Jeff Norem treated us to some amazing work on the Chapman Stick.

It was good to see Jeff Schreiber back at open mic.
He invited Reverend Johnny to join him for a couple of songs,
then the Reverend did a couple solo

It's always a pleasure to have Sherrie and Buddy Allen come out and perform.

Andrea Thompson made her first open mic appearance.
We always enjoy new comers.  Because we get to watch them bloom and grow.

Zane Nordin got up next with some originals as well as covers.

And last but certainly not least Clyde Sayre threw down some fun blues for us.

Special thanks to our backup musicians tonight!
Keith Craik on Fiddle
and David Dempsey on percussion.

If you like music...whether you are a player or a listener, you are sure to enjoy this fun and friendly open mic at The First Tee every Thursday evening. Join us, won't you?  

You will find more details about the First Tee Acoustic Music Open Mic on the page link at the top left of this page.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Tee Open Mic 12/30/2010

Well open mic’ers!  You sure did help us get the New Year weekend off to a good start last Thursday at the First Tee.  We had some great music and a lot of fun with about a dozen musicians and another handful of music fans.  Thank you all for coming out!

Rory Jagdeo kicked if off for us.

 Next up was Cap'n Rick
John P. Barton helped the Cap'n out with some harmony
 I just had to post this one of the Cap'n getting down on a Beatles song

Jason Hykle was up after the Cap'n but I must have gotten busy doing something becuase I didn't get any pictures of him

John Ward came next

And then Doug Michaels. Doug had Bruce Ross join him on the bass and I decided it would be a great opportunity for me to try out the video mode on my new camera.....well....I'll keep working on that and hopefully be able to post some decent video soon.  Sorry Doug! No pictures this week of you either.

Donnie Sands played and got his friend Taylor to help him out with some vocals.

Mr. John P. Barton took the stage next.

And then it was C-4 Ebrahime

Followed by Bruce Ross

and then Amy Waters

Clyde Sayre slid in late to close the list, but not the evening. 
He got Bruce Ross up on the Bass and yours truly on Harmonica, and all the ladies up on the dance floor.

Many thanks to everyone that supports and plays the open mics in Houston.  It is because of you that Live Local Music will continue to thrive.

Hope to see you out and about this week.