Monday, May 30, 2011

First Tee Open Mic 5/26/2011

It’s an interesting thing, this open mic deal.  We set up some sound gear at a bar or a coffee house or a church.  We tell a few of our musically inclined friends they are welcome to come and play.  People at the venue seem to like it.  Our friends seem to like it.  People tell other people and soon we've got an amazing array of folks, both musicians and fans coming around to have fun.  And I believe “fun” is what it’s all about.  Some people like to perform while others simply enjoy live music but on both sides of the microphone everyone seems to be having a good time.  THAT is what open mic is all about.   That is most certainly what Thursday Night Open Mic at The First Tee is about.

Last Thursday we had a good time listening to some great music from our regulars as well as some old friends we haven’t seen in a while.  With the mix of musicians we had it was inevitable that some jams were going to break out.  They did. It was good.

Starting off the night was 
Doug Michaels
We haven't seen Mitch Tiffin in a while. 
He's been working on some new material 
and is back to try it out.

Dennis Glendening stops in now and then, and 
it was a pleasure to have him play for us this week.

It started to turn into the night of the seldom seen.
Hogmire!  In the house.

And yet another that has been notably absent.
Amy "Mariam" Waters

Bruce Ross is not stranger to The First Tee, 
but he brought a new act with him.  He was joined by
by his father Larry Ross, and The First Tee's own Tommy Burke.

Jason Hykle was up next and Dave Dempsey slid in
just in time to join Jason with some percussion.

Van Buchanan followed Jason.

I guess it's time to stop calling Jason Waggoner a new comer.
Jason is relatively new to Houston and has been coming around 
on Thursdays for a few weeks now.  He brings some very
nice blues to the Open Mic stage.

This is about the time the jam started taking over. 
Bruce Ross and Dave Dempsey joined Jason.

Then Je' Reece stepped up...but no one stepped down.

Amy couldn't resist the opportunity to be backed up by these guys and jumped in after Je'.

Lance Johnson showed up a little late, but we got him on stage
and just let the jam keep rolling.

Thanks to everyone for your support.  It just wouldn't be any fun at all if it wasn't for you!

Monday, May 16, 2011

It seems the storms last Thursday kept a lot of folks away, but the handful of people that showed up at The First Tee for Open Mic had a great time.  That is what we do best after all.  Thank you to those musicians and patrons who braved the (idle threat of) weather and joined us.

SCHEDULE CHANGE:  Beginning this week The First Tee Open Mic will start at 9:00pm.  We tried to start this one earlier to accommodate the folks that didn’t want to be out late on a week night.  Sorry to say we just didn’t have enough support for the earlier start time.  The bulk of the open mic crowd was showing up much later so we’ve adjusted the schedule accordingly.  

As I've said before, what we lacked in quantity, we made up for in quality.  Here is the lineup from last Thursday.

Josh Wager kicked things off for us
with Keith Craik on fiddle.

Bruce Ross followed Josh with his unique mix
of originals and covers.

Jason Hykle  was next

Jason Wagoner found his way back 
to The First Tee and got Bruce to 
back him up on the bass

I just wanted to put in a shot of Jason's 
hand etched guitar....very cool.

Lance Johnson wandered in and we got him
to play a few songs for us.

And I just want to say a special Thank You to
Keith Craik.  Keith comes out almost every week
and backs up anyone musician wants him.
Trust do.

Many thanks to all and remember beginning Thursday May 19th
the Open Mic will begin at 9:00pm

Hope to see you out and about this week.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

First of all I’d like to thank all of the folks that send me email with comments and suggestions.  I try to give each one some time and thought and have had some great ideas thrown my way.  Keep them coming.

I am once again seeking a venue for a second weekly open mic.  If any of you know of a place that you think would be a good spot please let me know about it. 

Now to last Thursday at the First Tee Open Mic.  The lineup was great with a lot of regulars, some favorite occasionals and yet another first time player.  

We started out as we often do with Jason Hykle
Kieth Craik (our house fiddle player) joined Jason for a few songs.

Je' Reece made his second appearance at The First Tee
but he is no stranger to the the open mic scene.

Van Buchanan followed Je' 

and Josh Wager took his turn.

Josh also brought Keith up to back him up.

Brandon Smith took the stage next.

The Reverend Johnny was in the house this week.
We haven't seen RJ in quite a while now that he's 
all famous and stuff playing with The Fab Five.

Hunter Nelson follow Reverend Johnny,
and got Brandon to join him for a few songs as well.

It was good to have Larry Sepulvado come out
and play for us this week,

and especially so because I got to sit in for a couple of songs

It's always a treat when we get a first time player at the Open Mic
and this week did not dissapoint us.  Vivien Micheloni came around to 
check us out, and we talked here into giving it a go.

Here's Je' laying the heavy schmooze on Vivien.

And we did eventually get her up to play.

Je' even jumped in for some harmony with her.

So there you have it! Another fun and friendly night of music at the First Tee.
Many thanks to everyone for your support and participation.

A note to players:  Several people in the past requested that I start he Open Mic at The First Tee early.  We move it from 9:00 to 8:00.  That seemed to work very well for a few weeks, but now early sign ups have fallen off.  In order to continue starting at 8:00 I need to have folks willing to play.  Please, if you want to see the open mic continue the 8:00 start time make it a point to be there early.