Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It was another fun and music filled night at The First Tee open mic last Thursday.  We had five musicians vying for the Early Bird Special prizes. David Myers won a Burger Dinner,  Steve Orta snagged   $10 Gift Card to Guitar Center, and C-4 Ebrahimi landed a SwirlyGig Drink Holder.  All they had to do is be on the list and ready to play by 8;00.  This week it might be you!

C-4 started of the evening of music

Followed by a rare appearance by Je' Reece

John Kuhn was a first time player at the First Tee.  
We hope he makes it back again.

David Myers followed John

And then another rare appearance
Steve Orta

Josh Wager took the stage next

Followed by John Ward
(got busy and forgot to get a stage picture, 
but this one was pretty good)

Hunter Nelson has become a reliable favorite at the First Tee

This was Chris Monteverde's 2nd time here.
We hope to see him again.

Bruce Ross finished the list but not the show.

David Dempsey was in the house providing percussion 
all night long for any that wanted it.

Aside from these fine musicians we had 7 folks show up to just to listen, not to mention The First Tee's regular crowd.  As I always say this it The Best Thursday Night Acoustic Music Open Mic in West Houston.  Join us won't you?

Monday, April 23, 2012

HEY LOOK!!! A blog post! 

I know it's been quite awhile since I've posted, but as they say, life is what happens when you are busy making plans.  Hopefully things are leveling out a bit and I can start posting more regularly again.

Well the First Tee Open Mic has been back up and running for a couple of months now and we have just about gotten it back to the momentum we had before I took a holiday break.  As always we have excellent music and our listening audience is growing as well.  The Early Bird Special has been effective in getting musicians out to play by eight o'clock which keeps the Happy Hour crowd around to listen for a while.

If you haven't heard about the Early Bird Special here is the deal.  If you are on the list and ready to play before 8:00 your are eligible for the Early Bird Drawing.  Around 9:00 we do the drawing.  Included in the give-away has been Steak Dinners and Hamburger Dinners courtesy of The First Tee,  $10 Guitar Center Gift Cards courtesy of Joe Standefer, and SwirlyGig Drink Holders courtesy of Ms SwirlyGig herself Sid Tincher.  More prizes will be added as they come available.

So aside from good fun, good friends, and good music, you could walk away with a prize just for showing up early to play.  Come on out and join us every Thursday night won't you?

Here was the lineup last Thursday at the First Tee.

David Myers opened the show

Mitch Tiffin followed.
By the way, David and Mitch have both already won FREE steak dinners.

John Renner took the stage next

Followed by Van Buchanan

It was great to see Vivien Micheloni back on the First Tee stage
even if I did neglect to get a picture of her preforming.

Bruce Ross was next up
and got John and Van to join him for a little tribute to the late great Levon Helm.

It's always a pleasure when Buddy and Sherry Allen join us.

Hunter Nelson played some of our open mic favorites.

First timer on the First Tee Stage was Chris Monteverde
although definitely no new comer to preforming.

And bringing up the bottom of the list was our friend Rhew Fletcher

See, this is what I mean when I say we have great music at The First Tee Open Mic.  If you been, I don't need to tell you.  If you haven't, you are missing out.  We'd love for you to join us.

Hope to see you out and about this week.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Once again I've been out and about visiting various open mics around Houston, and once again I am impressed with the talent and the support that I've seen.  According to houstonopenmic.com there are over 50 weekly open mics, and each of them have their own unique qualities.  As hosts we do our best to support the wants and needs of the venue, the audience, and of course the musicians.  This is why I am happy to announce the return of a sorely missed feature at The First Tee Open Mic.  That's right folks!  The on stage drink holder is back!

We had a fun night last Thursday at The Tee.  The crowd was light and the list was short but it didn't stop us from playing some great music and having a good time.

We started off the evening with Brandon Smith.
You can find his music at www.brandonsmithmusic.com.

Hogmire was in attendance and in great form. 
It's always a pleasure to hear him.

John Durr followed Hogmire.
John is gearing up for a performance with
The Remnants Of Polaris at JP Hops House for Spudstock.
Find out more about Spudstock at www.jphopshouse.com

Next up was Jeff Norem with his Chapman Stick.
Jeff is truly a master of this unique instrument 
and always a crowd pleaser.

Bruce Ross followed Jeff.
Bruce is a welcome regular at The First Tee Open Mic
and often stands in with other performers 
on Bass and Vocals

Bruce got some back up from Keith Craik.  
Keith is one of those rare musicians that can
back up just about anyone.

Lance Johnson joined us for a few songs. 

Lance was followed by Hunter Nelson.
Hunter has been featured a couple of times at JP Hops House,
and has written a very entertaining rock opera.

We closed the evening out with Clyde Sayre.
Clyde is always entertaining and always leaves you wanting more.

But you'll just have to come back next week for another dose,
because it is time to 
"Exit...stage left."

Hope to see you out and about this week.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

First Tee Open Mic 7/14/11

Last Thursday night the First Tee Open Mic was fun and interesting.  Although the roster was a bit shorter than usual we had some excellent talent, and some unusual instruments.  You just never know what you are going to get at an open mic. Read on...you'll see what I mean.

We kicked off the evening with Jason Hykle.
Jason got some backup from Bruce Ross on Bass
and Keith Craik on fiddle.

Next up Reverend Johnny brought out an
Alvarez Yairi Double Neck Guitar.

Ben Gould took the stage next with his first attempt at
a home-made instrument which was quickly dubbed 
the Canjo.  It actually sounded pretty good.

Bruce Ross brought us back to the real world after Ben and Johnny.

But it didn't last long....Hunter Nelson started his set 
rocking out on a Ukelele.

Hunter brought Rhew Fletcher up to take over the Uke
so he could once again ease us back to normalcy.

The Reverend Doctor Otis Futhermucker wandered in to 
The First Tee of a splash of tea, so we brought him up
to play a couple of songs for us.  

And we closed down the evening with Lance Johnson playing for us.

As always, it was a fun and entertaining evening, and I'd like to thank everyone for coming out and participating.  Open Mic is about people.  I couldn't do it without you.