Monday, December 6, 2010

New Open Mic Starts 12/9/10

I'm very happy to announce the start of a new Thursday Night Acoustic Music Open Mic.  Beginning December 9th 2010 Ramblin' Mic will be at The First Tee every Thursday night at 9:00pm.  The First Tee is a very cool neighborhood bar with fun and friendly staff and patrons. They have a nice stage, a dance floor, and seating is set up to enjoy the performers.  It is a non-smoking bar, but they have a very nice comfortable patio out back with heaters, fans, TVs, and a bunch more good folks. 

Thursday is also Steak Night!  You can get a big ass rib-eye, potato, and salad for only 12 bucks. Come early though. They start cooking at 5:00 and usually sell out pretty quick.

Please join us Thursday nights and lets show The First Tee how much we appreciate them for supporting live local music.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ashford Arms Open Mic 10/14/2010

 Ashford Arms Open Mic has turned into a regular institution in the West Houston Music Scene.  We have a fine variety of musicians and a fun bunch of music fans .  If you haven't been out to Ashford Arms Open Mic...well....what are you waiting for?

Many thanks to the Ashford Arms for providing us this nice venue.  Even more thanks to the many musicians and music lovers that have made this open mic so successful.

Here is the fine lineup we got to enjoy last Thursday

Jason Hykle

Jason Hykle with Brandon Jantzen and Keith Craik

Lee McGee

200 Miles To Freedom

Ed Bridge

Sherrie Allen, Buddy Allen, & Tom Tranchilla

Buddy Allen & Tom Tranchilla

Hunter Nelson

Josh Wager

There should be a picture of Doug Michaels right here
but for some reason or another I didn't get one.
Sorry Doug!

Amy Waters

Joe Martin

Bruce Ross

Rhew Fletcher

And our fabulous house musicians
David Dempsey

Keith Craik

Come on out and join us every Thursday for great fun and great music at 
Ashford Arms Open Mic.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ashford Arms Open Mic 10/7/2010

Great weather and dark evenings seem to be bringing people out more.  It's great to visit with so many musicians and music lovers.  Open mics are a terrific place to hook up with other musicians or just sit and chill to some fine music. 

We have an excellent Acoustic Music Open Mic every Thursday Night at the Ashford Arms Pub.  It's a friendly authentic family owned Irish pub that has been in the neighborhood for over 20 years. Come on out and join us for a fun evening.

Last Thursday saw many regulars on the the stage and one first time player....on stand up bass.  Here are the photos .

Jason Hykle with Keith Craik on Fiddle

Lee McGee jamming out with Dave Dempsey on Drums

Cap'n Rick

200 Miles to Freedom

Josh Wager with Keith Craik

Zane Nordin

Brandon Smith

Hunter Nelson

John P Barton

And our fantastic House Musicians for the night...

Keith Craik on Fiddle

Dave Dempsey on Drums

And Nick on Stand Up Bass

Many thanks to everyone for making Thursday nights at the Ashford Arms so much fun!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ashford Arms Open Mic 9/30/2010

This is just the damnedest thing you've ever seen!  I drag some PA equipment out to some neighborhood bar, and before you know it some of the finest musicians in Houston Texas show up to play for the patrons.  It's not just a fluke either.  I'm telling you, it works any night of the week in any part of town.  Houston's Open Mic Community is AMAZING! 

Here is the roster from last Thursday night at Ashford Arms Open Mic.

Cap'n Rick lead things off

Moonlit Conspiracy followed

Ed Bridge

Jason Hykle with Brandon Jantzen 

Lee McGee

Pete Bosshart

Amy Waters

Donnie Sands

200 Mile To Freedom

Sunny Side Up
TC Smythe & Stephen Daly

Mitch Tiffin with Tina Allen

Tina Allen

Dennis Glendenning

Zane Nordin

Bruce Ross

The Hanshaws with TC Smythe

Hunter Nelson

AND for the first time ever
at the Ashford Arms Open Mic 
we had a Banjo player!
Rhew Fletcher

We also get some great backup musicians that show up.

The ever present
David Dempsey on drums

The Incomperable
Keith Craik on fiddle

And the one, the only
(if you don't count his twin brother)
Mr. Bruce Ross on bass guitar

Many, many thanks to each and every one of you!  Your support of live music is what makes open mics possible.  

One last little bit for the Blog readers only.  I missed getting good pictures of three of the musicians last week, so I dug into the archive for something to post.  Let's see who can figure out which three pictures are actually from previous open mics.  

Hope to see you out and about.