Monday, May 31, 2010

Ashford Arms Open Mic 5/27/2010

Leading up to a holiday weekend at an Open Mic is always a little perplexing.  You never know what kind of attendance you are going to have.  Memorial Day weekend is typically a little slow because many of our Open Mic players are away at the Kerrville Folk Festival. This year proved that out again.  Slow nights are welcome though at the Ashford Arms.  We only had a handful of musicians in the house but we all had a good time and got a lot of chances to play.

The evening started off with Brandon Jantzen.

Josh Wager took the stage next.

Chris Greene was back this week.  It's always good to see him on the Ashford stage.

Patty and Sam (no picture) joined in the fun and sang one A Capella number.  Patty and Sam are old friends of Drummer Dave's and we thank him for bringing them to the Ashford Arms for the first time.

Buddy and Sherri Allen showed up to play for us.  We don't see them often enough and it's always a pleasure to have them on the Ramblin' Mic Stage.

A night at the Ashford Arms Open Mic would hardly be complete without the fine fiddle work by Keith Craik and Drummer Dave Dempsey keeping time on djembe.

Many thanks to all of the musicains and music fans that keep live music alive through their support of Open Mics.

For more information about Ashford Arms Open Mic click HERE.  

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Churchill's Open Mic 5/25/2010

Tuesday's Open Mics at Churchill's are always fun and entertaining and this week was no different.  Things started off a little slow...a little late.  Seems like ever since the time changed people don't start showing up until later.  It doesn't seem to matter though because one we kick off the music everyone starts having a great time. We saw mostly old friends and regulars this week and had some pretty fun jams.  

The music kicked off with Randy "The Rockin' Realtor" Soffar playing some favorite covers and a couple of his better known originals.  

Tina Allen and Mitch Tiffin have joined together to make an excellent duet.  They are getting out to play at quite a few venues now, so it's always an honor when they make it out to the open mics. 

Amy Waters has been totally bitten by the Open Mic Bug and hasn't missed a Tuesday at Churchill's since she first happened in.  She is learning to play guitar and perform live at the same time...and doing a terrific job. This week she got Mitch Tiffin to help her out on the guitar for her first song, but then got after it herself for the rest of her set.

Clyde Sayre took the stage next with Randy Soffar on electric guitar and John Barton on djembe.  That boy can shake out some awesome blues and rock and with the backup from Randy and John it was an excellent set.

John Barton then went front and center for his own set and kept Randy up on the electric guitar.  John always plays a fun set of covers and originals.

I'd also like to thank Zane Nordin, Kim Kyle, and Terry Rogers for coming by.  Time constraints kept them from sticking around long enough to play but it was nice to have them drop in and support the open mic.  Also, many thanks to all of you music lovers out there that do so much to help us do what we love to do.  Your support of local live music is greatly appreciated.

Churchill's Acoustic Music Open Mic
Every Tuesday Night 8:00-12:00
Churchill's Bar & Grill
16687 W. Airport Blvd
Sugar Land, TX 77498
(281) 325-0095

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ashford Arms Open Mic 5/20/2010

Josal was in town this last weekend, and he kicked it off at the Ashford Arms Open Mic.  Josal and I started this open mic a little over a year ago, and it was really nice having him back on the Ashford stage.

Captain Rick was up next. The Captain is always a favorite at the Ashford as well as the many other venues and open mics he plays.

Brandon Jentzen followed the Captain.  Brandon has been a steady regular at the Ashford and it's always good to hear him.

John P Barton was next up.  John is always entertaining with a nice mix of originals and cover songs.

Traveus Lawson has been out to play for us a couple of times before and we were happy to see him back at the Ashford this week.  Where have you been Trav?

Next up was Zane Nordin.  Zane was working on his new look Thursday night. What do you think?

Chis Green was back in the Ashford this week.  Chris is a regular at the Ashford, and it's always a pleasure when we can talk him into playing us a few songs.

The Righteous Reverend Doctor Otis Futhermucker took a few minutes off from his sermons to lay down a few blues numbers for us. 

A night at the Ashford would hardly be complete without David Dempsey on the hand drums. David does a great job of backing everyone up.

The Ashford Arms is a fun and friendly Acoustic Music Open Mic.  Come on out and join us every Thursday night 8:00-12:00.

Ashford Arms Acoustic Music Open Mic
Every Thursday Night 8:00-12:00
Ashford Arms Pub
14605 Perthshire
Houston, TX 77070
(281) 497-5316

Churchill's Open Mic 5/18/2010

So there we were last Tuesday at Churchill's Open Mic.  It started off a little slow.  Seems people just don't get out as early now that it stays light so late.  Nonetheless we kicked things off with a nice selection of songs by Doug Michaels and Mark Ellinwood.

Dennis Glendenning made his second appearance on Churchill's stage, and it's always a pleasure to hear him.

John Barton went on next and brought Wayne Lacey to back him up on the Djembe.

Amy Waters returned to Churchill's Open Mic.  Amy is still very new on the open mic scene and is becoming more confident and proficient each time she plays.  We love new players.  It's a joy to watch them progress and hone their skills.

Bruce Ross returned to Churchill's after a short hiatus.  I'm not sure what he's been up to, but we are glad he's back.

It seemed like just an ordinary Open Mic.  Maybe a little slower than most nights but the music was good and the crowd was happy. happened.  A jam broke out!  Two of Houston's finest blues harmonica players were in the house.  Randy Soffar plugged in his guitar, Stephen Daly sat down at the Djembe, and Larry Bernal of the H-Town Jukes and "Little Terry" Rogers of Little Terry and the Blue Birds started jamming away.  It didn't take long before Mark Ellinwood joined them on lead guitar, and Bruce Ross hauled out his bass.  Man at that point all I could do is just sit back and enjoy.

It was a great night of music and friends.  Many thanks to everyone that supports live music and open mics.

Churchill's Acoustic Music Open Mic
Every Tuesday Night 8:00-12:00
Churchill's Bar & Grill
16687 W. Airport Blvd
Sugar Land, TX 77498
(281) 325-0095

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ashford Arms Open Mic 5/13/2010

It’s been a little over a year now since we started the open mic at The Ashord Arms.  It continues to build in popularity and we have a steady flow of newcomers.   Many thanks for all of your support.

Last Thursday we got to hear Captain Rick play us some great classic rock covers on his fine T5 12 string. 

Next up were two new comers.  Chris is new in Houston and played some great original songs. 

Following Chris was Delaney.  She claims she hasn’t been out to play in a long time, but it sure didn’t show in her excellent guitar and vocal styling.   

Brandon Jantzen has become a regular and favorite at the Ashford, and he didn’t disappoint us this week. 

Mitch Tiffin then took the stage and brought us yet more original music.  Does this guy ever stop writing?   

John P. Barton came up next and played a couple of his fine originals as well as a cover song.   

Amy Waters was back at the Ashford for her second time and just keeps getting better.  

 We finished off the list with Josh Wager fine brand of country music.  He also invited Brandon up to jam on a couple of songs.

A special thank you to David Dempsey for his fine drumming all night long.

 Thanks to everyone for your excellent support of live music and open mics.  We couldn't do it without you.