Tuesday, February 9, 2010

JP Hops House Acoustic Open Mic

The JP Hops House Sunday Open Mic has been running for well over 10 years.  This is possibly one of the best attended open mics in Houston and for good reasons.

The acoustic open mic is a three song (15 minute max) format. Sign up is in person, and first come first served.  Covers and originals are welcome as well as all types of music.  It is an "acoustic" open mic so full drum kits or large amplifiers are not allowed.  The house sound system is excellent. On stage monitors are controlled from the stage and the house sound is controlled from the room.  The folks that run the sound are real  pros too, and help everyone sound their best on the Hops House stage.  They have three stage mics and plenty of instrument leads making it a welcome place for small combos as well.  The room acoustics are very good and the people are there to listen to music so there is not a lot of chatter and crowd noise. Hostess TC Smythe is possibly one of the most personable open mic hosts in Houston.  She make getting on the stage easy and waiting for the next act fun.  She's a pretty darn good musician to boot.

JP Hops House is the premier outside the loop listening room.  Owners Jim Fowler and Pam Herndon have done a great job of making their establishment a warm and friendly place to be.  This brew pub has a great selection of beer with a wall full of taps and coolers full of imports from around the world.  At any given time there are around 200 different beers to choose from. The room is well situated with a lot of chairs as well as ample bar space.  Parking is sufficient and the lot is fairly illuminated.  The location is a little hard to find (some say that adds to it's appeal) as it sits back off of Highway 6.  Their sign can be hard to see because of the congestion of other signs, street lights and traffic.  People in the know will tell you to turn in at Shipley's Donuts and you can't miss it.

Stop by and check out this long running well attended open mic. 

 J P Hops House
2317 South Highway 6
 Houston, Texas 77077

(281) 496-0623